Milking Cow

bST Use

Dairy farmers use bST (bovine somatotropin or bovine growth hormone [BGH]) to increase production. The typical cow will provide peak daily production within a month of starting to produce milk. The production then begins to decline steadily. The use of bST reduces the rate of decline and enables dairy farmers to increase production at the expense of increased hormones in the milk and other deleterious effects on the cow.

The reason for the production decrease is that the conventional milking machines fail to fully milk the cow each milking. The fundamental purpose for a cow to produce milk is to feed it's offspring (calf) as is the case with any mammal. The daily milking of cows fools their body to continue producing milk by placing demand for more milk. The failure of conventional milking systems to remove all of the milk is a signal to the cow to decrease production.

The gentle massaging action of the CoPulsation(tm) Milking system enables the cow to be fully milked each milking thereby maintaining full demand for maximum production. This eliminates the need for bST making the use of that added hormone level unnecessary.

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