Milking Cow

Organizations Claiming To Certify Farms as Humane

There are organizations that will certify farms as humane but those organizations do not evaluate the milking process. There exists an abundance of evidence that conventional milking machines subject animals to a painful and physically damaging process that is a direct result of the failure of the milking machine to provide proper relief from the milking vacuum. Individuals who have placed their fingers into the conventional milking machine to feel for themselves what the animals experience very quickly discover how painful it is.

The following is a list of some organizations that certify farms as humane. Contact them to ask why they do not address the aspect of inhumane treatment during milking time.

Humane Farm Animal Care
PO Box 727
Herndon, VA 20172
(703) 435-3883

American Humane Association
Farm Animal Program
1400 16th Street NW, Suite 360
Washington, DC 20036
(303) 925-9434