Milking Cow

CoPulsation(tm) Milking System

An innovative milking system product has been developed to address the full range of problems. This product provides a true massaging rest phase that milks the cows in a gentle and humane manner. The result is both a content cow and a quality dairy food product from cows that have a longer and healthier life.

This product is marketed under the trade name CoPulsation(tm) Milking System. It is the only product on the market that massages the full length of the teat while relieving the teat canal of the milking vacuum during the rest phase. This product has successfully demonstrated that cows can be milked in a humane manner enabling dairy farmers to product a quality product free of artificial hormones with substantially reduced mastitis levels.

Do not be fooled by products carrying the "Certified Humane" label. Dairy products with this label are most likely still milked with conventional milking machines that damage and destroy the teat canals and udders. They are still subjected to the painful milking process of conventional milking machines that leave cows with reddened/swollen teats and deformed udders. This process is far from being humane.

Teat comparison after machine is removed:

Teat condition following conventional milking, considered normal by Cornell University, red and swollen Teat condition following milking by CoPulsation(tm) Milking System, healthy and rested