Milking Cow

CoPulsation™ Milking System - the only humane way to milk an animal with a machine!

Those who have visited farms using the CoPulsation™ Milking System consistently comment that they have never seen cows milk like they do with the CoPulsation Milking System. They routinely note the calmness of the cows at milking time.

Consider the following comments:

1) From a visitor from Japan to a large dairy in Wisconsin using CoPulsation™:

  • I saw how does Mark milk in Madison.
    It was fantastic.

  • All teats are dry, after milking.
    Milking speed is very high.

2) From a dairy farmer in Germany using CoPulsation™:

  • There was a Dutch Farmer here this evening, he called me a while ago too and now he wanted to see it, he was here while I was milking, you visited him on his farm, can't remember his last name, he told me he had a double 10, 60 degrees milk parlour (senior I think) and has a lot of trouble in his herd with mastitis.
  • He and his daughter where impressed how it milks.

3) From an organic dairy specialist and an animal welfare veterinarian:

  • We had a remarkable visit at the Wagner dairy. Mary was very impressed with the low SCC in the herd. As you predicted, during milking the cows were as calm as can be, Mary clearly noticed.
  • Rest assured, the animal welfare benefits were obvious and will make a difference. Your challenge, obviously, is overcoming the "conventional wisdom" that has worked to poison the well for your technology.

Now watch for yourself and see cows milking with the CoPulsation™ Milking System:

Video showing the high volume milk flow in a claw milking a cow with CoPulsation™. Note the high flow rate, true rest action between milk pulses, and even milkout of the udder while the cow calmly stands.

Video showing a group of first calf heifers milking that had just calved in the prior couple of weeks. Note that they stand with their feet on the deck without kicking at machines.

Video showing a cow milking at a sustained high flow rate while calmly chewing her cud. Now that is a calm cow being milked with the only truly humane milking system in the world!