Milking Cow

Painful Cow Milking

The following videos show that cows are not happy with their milking experience with conventional milking machines. This is a direct result of the physical abuse induced by those products as they fail to provide relief from the vacuum of the milking process. Those products simply pinch the teat ends during the "rest" phase doing little more than simply forcing bacteria up the teat canal to cause a bacterial infection that can also lead to more pain

Cows milking in a modern Boumatic parlor. Watch this group of cows kick and dance as they are obviously not happy with their milking experience. Note that the udders simply do not appear to be milked out when the machine is removed.

Group of cows milking in a modern GEA parlor. Watch this group of cows kick and dance down the entire line. It is obvious that these cows do not like being milked and that their milking experience is not comfortable.

A video at shows the dissection of the udder of a dairy cow that was slaughtered for beef shows the typical infections that can exist in the udders. Research completed by Dr. Derek Forbes has proven that the painful pinching action of a liner with a conventional milking machine will force non-motile bacteria (example: Staph aureus) up the teat canal to cause infections. The video also shows the physical damage in the form of scar tissue that is also a result of the painful milking process with a conventional milking machine.

The following images are from the udder dissection video:

dissected utter

Image of a dissected udder. The green material is from the bacterial infection in the milk ducts that existed at the time of slaughter.

dissected teat

Image of a teat that has been dissected and turned inside out to show the internal flesh. The raised lumps are scar tissue. Scar tissue can form as a result of an inadequate rest phase that damages the tissue and prevents proper milk flow.